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Swagelok Southeast Texas

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Custom Solutions - Top 10

Top 10 reasons Custom Solutions is your go-to resource for assemblies, subassemblies and fabrication needs.

10.  We can reduce your purchasing cost, and overall costs

9.  Our professional engineering team is brilliant at deciphering chicken scratch and understanding doodle sketches

8.  We save you time by reducing your work load

7.  We have deep application expertise across a wide range of industries

6.  We use 3D CAD capabilities to meet the unique needs of your application

5.  Your assembly is built by people you trust -our Swagelok certified technicians

4.  We use only the highest quality components

3.  We’ll burn the midnight oil to get the job done

2.  Everything you need in a one-stop shop

1.  You’ll be the shining star at your company; everyone will have to wear sunglasses

We can work with you to create anything from simple to very complex custom assemblies.


Call Kevin Woods today for a quote, 281.353.5166 or email.

Learn all about what our Custom Solutions Team can do for you.